What Is A Computer

Recently on Shades Of Brown, the question of "what is a computer?" came up in regards to the new iPad Pro. I went off on how input method is not the deciding factor in how much of a computer the device is. Rather what decides if a device is a computer is the ability to create and manipulate data1. My thoughts came from the dozens of discourses I've seen online about how a mouse driven GUI or a terminal are the empirical input methods for computer and anything else is lesser. For that basis is how we consider if a device is a computer and only that basis. I disagree.


Continuous Art

I have always been interested more in an artists bad takes versus their critically acclaimed ones. Does a shitty album ruin the artists credentials? Does one bad painting ruin an entire work? I think collectively, no. There is a space where objectively not great work made by great artists exist.


Last year, my goals were quite simple: Use less tech and create more. Simple as they were, I exceeded both of my initial expectations by a wide margin. I am coming into 2018 riding a wave of creativity not seen since 2013. I want to savor it, I want to treat it as respectfully as … Continue reading 2018.