Is the Web Browser dying?

This post was written when I was a child, I’m only keeping it here for archival purposes. All of these words should be only taken in context.

We all use a web browser to, well browse the web. But it seems that we are using it less and less.

What do I mean by that?

Let me explain for Facebook I now use Windows Live Messenger cause it does Facebook feeds and chat. For writing blog posts I use Windows Live Writer instead of the web interface. I know the web browser will still be relevant, but take mobile phones for example there are apps for everything you need, be it YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. You do have the choice of using the web based ones but native apps are more convenient to people.

This may have started when Microsoft released Outlook with Office, when people realized that you don’t need a browser to do things. Google has realized that and that’s why they are pushing HTML5 and web apps so much because web apps can have local data and everything that’s the same as a native app. If Google’s prediction of the future is true then our web browsers will just be a app store that also runs apps, wouldn’t it?

So as unorganized as this is I hope you get the meaning, web browsers as we know them are dying and it seems like cloud computing is the future.