Nothing but the net’: A Retrospective of 2 months of only using chrome OS

This post was written when I was a child, I’m only keeping it here for archival purposes. All of these words should be only taken in context.

For the last 2 months, I have been only using chrome OS on my CR-48 for all of my personal and professional work. And by professional I mean typing reports for school, but thats not the point. At first it was pretty hard to find replacements for commonly used PC programs, but the chrome web store was a really big help. The web apps I have open all the time are 1) Tweetdeck 2) 3) Google Docs and 4) GTalk. Since i’ve gotten mine, flash performance has been greatly improved! Sure, I can’t play 720p Video off of youtube, but this is running an atom here. Hulu is the only site that still stutters even when on 480p. To be honest, I can do the same things I do my ubuntu install on chrome OS. A Cloud based OS seemed like a stupid idea to me before I got a CR-48, but now that I have had the chance to use it. I wouldn’t be surprised if these things really get popular, these devices are made for consumers and you can, in theory, do more on this device than you can on an iPad or Android tablet. The only real issue I see here is local storage for media content.