If Video Killed the Radio Star Then Turntable Killed Radio

This post was written when I was a child, I’m only keeping it here for archival purposes. All of these words should be only taken in context.

Remember back when FM radio was actually personal? Back when you called a station and actually got on the line, instead of a company with paid actors doing that just so someone driving home can get a laugh? Remember back when they played actually good music because your pal ran a station out of his garage and had cartloads of records? Well, neither do I, but that idea has finally made its way to the digital age. Last time it was just FM, now it’s turntable.fm.

The premise of turntable is simple, make your own station or join one, and then listen to music. There is depth of course, you can have up to 5 people DJ at any time, and songs play in order of each DJ joining. Each room has a theme or “genre”, each room can hold up to 200 people, and you have a chat room for said room. Fairly simple right? kinda, when you get near 200 people and people keep on coming in and out, it might get a bit hectic, but the fun never dies. Also note that, if you start your own room A) it’s very hard to get people in without advertising elsewhere B) People like to play country music to piss you off, a lot, but it seems to be going down lately.

Now we get to the most important aspect, the awesome and lame button. Why are they the most important? because how would people know that you like the song that is playing (yes there is chat, but pushing a button feels so much better). Getting people to hit awesome gets you points, and with those points, you can get new avatars. And show off your turntable “swag”. After a certain amount of downvotes of course, they skip the song.

But let’s be honest, who cares about that stuff; I know and you know why we would use this. It’s all about the music. And the music is as good as you want. There are stations for video game music, dubstep, mashups, and hell, even a coding soundtrack. Sadly there are no jpop/anime music/kpop/etc. style channels. I found one, but it wasn’t that full. Support them! – http://turntable.fm/jpop_jgame_anime

Turntable has gotten a lot better over the some months that it has been out. At first the site was fairly buggy and slow, but it has improved in both those areas. The site even got a couple of makeovers. They do have an iOS app, and the site kinda works in Android browser with flash, Windows Phone 7 is out of the question, Web OS should work though. So get DJing now at http://turntable.fm!