An Exert From a Different Piece Written in 2011 About Cloud Computing

This post was written when I was a child, I’m only keeping it here for archival purposes. All of these words should be only taken in context.

Raccoon: User Experience/ UI Design Pundit: At Large.

And when Eric Schmidt first announced ChromeOS, he basically said that it was the modern day implementation of the “thin client” idea. But per that idea, it means that the host computer would basically be useless..or “dumb” when not connected to the host. Which is a big problem for basically the whole world. Internet connections are not very speedy nor reliable in most of the world. And the half-assed attempts Google has made currently to rectify this situation is laughable at best. Gmail Offline is a rip of the tablet UI, Google Docs offline can only view things, and Calender can’t even add events. Also none of the “browser based” IDE’s support HTML offline, Cloud 9 being excluded, but that only “supports” HTML/JS/CSS and maybe one or two scripting languages. Basically, no one wants a dumb terminal because……. it’s kinda dumb.

Basically, I just want Web OS and stateless computing to come together. I can care less about the technology used for it, nor do I care about how it is done. I just want pretty, and I want things to work. Is that so hard of me to ask in 2011? As each day goes on, Google’s mentality of design being put behind raw engineering power is really starting to show. Only when something works a hell of a lot better than a competitors product, and not just by a bit. That is when I switch, and that gap is widening.

To add insult to injury, Google is going ahead and making their own “web-like” scripting language called Dart. As far as we know (though the information Google gave out), it is like Javascript but uses classes instead of prototypes per Javascript. And it runs multi threaded in the browser. From my “Oh look at this new shiny thing” perspective. It looks like yet-another-programing-language. Too little and too late on this one Google.

But I am honestly not against the idea of Cloud Computing, I find that idea to be up there. And I have the most ground to state my opinion on this as I have had a Cr-48 for almost a year. I really want ChromeOS to succeed in some form, just not the current form. Call me a fanboy, but I use basically Google everything, and because of that I want this product to work. I really do, but the flaws are so large that I just can’t. Not in the current form.

Let me add one more thing about the pains of ChromeOS. I’m going to walk you through the fun steps of handling a picture. First you plug in your camera, or get it from an email, or someone how get it onto your device. Second, you then go ahead and sign into Picasa. Second point Five, if you want to edit it, you upload to picnik or some other service. And said service is in flash, and due to them using pepper flash in ChromeOS because of sandboxing, it is slow. Third, you redownload the finished copy and then reupload to where ever you wanted it to be. (Facebook, Twitter, 4Chan, Etc.) And the same 3 to 4 step process applies to everything in this OS.

To summarize my little rant, “Ground” Computing is nice sometimes Google, and it rains when you stay in the cloud for too long..