Screw Overused Straightforward Titles, Lets Get Enigmatic

This post was written when I was a child, I’m only keeping it here for archival purposes. All of these words should be only taken in context.

Header with a big logo and breaking links, narrow vertically scrolling text column with lots of wasted white space on the site used for even more links to things you don’t care about, ads in any place that isn’t used for some other asinine thing, content that is made for skimming and nothing of real depth. Rinse. Repeat. Cycle. Money rolls in. We all win….right?

I say no. But more importantly, What Do You Say?

Wait, never mind. I don’t care for comments.

As I was speaking about before I decided to diverge from this topic. I have an issue with modern day blogs. As most of it is pure crap. I only read indie blogs (gruber, parislemon, kottke, shawn blanc, etc.) Well I lied, arstechnica is amazing. But the main point of this article is a better “what i’m about” than my admittedly bland first article.

I think an introduction is a good place to begin. I’m a student who is gunning for a degree in liberal arts (I think, still not decided) when I get out of high school. I’d love to run this blog for a living and get money for it. But I don’t even think you can count the number of people who can pull that off with both your hands. It’s the dream though. Other things that probably will help you make a judgement towards my bias. I have never bought or owned an Apple product ( I do have an iPod shuffle but that was a freebie). My main computer at the time being is a Google CR-48 Chromebook, and I use some crappy prepaid Android phone. My phone does the job, but this is after me tweaking it for performance and all that “hacker” stuff that everyone says android is targeted at.

On the chromebook though, no i’m not insane, and yes you can get work done on it. I could write a very very very long post on this. But to sum up that theoretical post. Good Ideal. Good hardware ideals. Web app’s are so close. Close, But No Cigar.

As stated in the colophon above, this blog is about what I find interesting. That is what I think “blogging” should be about. You write about what you find interesting, because when you do, the quality goes up because you have some sort of an emotion towards the medium of your content. But I could be naively speaking again.

There is another way of blogging that has persisted over the years though (no i’m not talking about the rinse, rather, and repeat method in the introduction). Here is the gist of it via kottke

The structure of a Kottke post is totally elemental:

  • Title
  • Link
  • Pull (blockquote, picture, video)
  • Response
  • Reader comments (optional)

And that’s it. It’s the five basic units that blogs were built on, distilled to their essence. And titles and comments are important, but Jason’s done without them both. They’re paratext. The real core is link, pull, response.

I’m not going to lie, this method works extremely well. But that’s not what i’m about. I use mediums such as google plus, twitter, and other social networks for sharing links like that. But to each his own I suppose.

This is getting long so i’ll conclude. I am a writer. novice or not, I want to create quality content that isn’t garbagified by the wash-like method that is the norm. And maybe if i’m lucky, i’ll even be able to make a living out of this.

Just Maybe.