Facebook Later

This post was written when I was a child, I’m only keeping it here for archival purposes. All of these words should be only taken in context.

Rather than argue a vague comparison of Google Now and Siri, which admittedly have different purposes, a more valid argument is Google Now and Facebook. Facebook as we all know, has enough information on most humans to predict when they even go to the restroom. Google is getting there, with ventures such as Google Plus, but they still have Android which gives them plenty. To argue that Google Now will somehow kill Siri, or vice versa, is simply wrong. Apple isn’t trying to be give you something before you want it, they just can’t. Google is, and will.

At its most simplest form, Google Now is a way to make it so that you will search for things by bringing search to you. It may give you information about upcoming events, weather, and other helpful things, but that big search box is there for a reason. When you search for something, you get shown an ad. With that ad, Google makes money, therefore allowing them to exist.

Apple, does not care about any of that. They don’t care if you use Siri, they’ll make it awesome obviously, but they still don’t care. It is just another way to get people to buy their products, which is where they make most of their money.

It’s all ideological differences.

Due to those differences, you can’t honestly compare Siri and Google Now, as the purpose and intent is not the same. This is where Facebook enters the picture.

Facebook make money by selling ads, just like Google. They want you to spend more time on Facebook, so they can show you more ads.

Facebook had the perfect opportunity to launch their own Google Now competitor, that could have been cross platform, and reach almost anyone, but they failed. They know your calendar, your location, where your friends live, where you live, they basically know everything but your social security number.

The Facebook Later app would work like this:

The main screen shows the Facebook logo, with a notification bar in the same horizontal area as the logo, there is also a search box there. Below is information of all kinds, latest events, weather, birthdays, locations back home if you’re out (powered by Bing), and anything else you can imagine.

The most important part however, is ads.

Ads would display as their own box in the scrolling list of information, slightly greyed out and clearly marked “ad”. It would be a simple one, with below it a couple pictures of friends saying that they liked the brand behind said ad.

That, my friends, is what we call a cash cow. Since Google Now is only for those on Jelly Bean, almost no one uses it. Facebook simply makes an iOS app, Android app, and a Windows Phone app — boom, everyone with a smartphone is able to have a service which, even with ads, is amazing.

Facebook only a set amount of time until the next version of Android hits, which will undeniably make Google Now ten times better, and then they’ll have to play catch up. That small window of time will pass them, and then once they realize that a Google Now eske service is a cash crop, they’ll pull a Windows Phone and have to try really, really hard to get anyone to use it.

Simply, Google Now, Facebook Later.