Action Launcher

This post was written when I was a child, I’m only keeping it here for archival purposes. All of these words should be only taken in context.

Action Launcher (linked above) is a new launcher by Chris Lacy, the developer of tweetlanes. I’ve been using it for the past two weeks now, and I’ve only come across a couple of issues.

  • Every other icon in the action bar is a different shade of white.
  • The accordion effect for opening the app launcher is super cheesy and would be better served with a stacked card effect.
  • The usual random jank and stutters while scrolling.
  • The “cover” system is confusing to use. [Interpolated at the postscript.]

Besides that though, this does one big thing that every other launcher should do.

There are no options.

The only big option you get is to turn the action bar transparent, and I frankly think that’s wonderful. Every other launcher is riddled with options for the sake of adding more options.

Users request it because they like long feature lists, but most of the options are barely used. Those who do edit them are usually changing them for the sake of changing them.

I’m not advocating the practice of removing all and any options, but there is an excess of them in every other launcher app. It’s nauseating.

All in all, this launcher does a bunch of new interface ideas which are bound to be spread throughout the launcher market, and that’s a good thing. Launchers used to compete on speed and option count, now they have to compete on innovative ideas.


I found the cover system to be confusing because of the mystery meat style of it. In order to use a cover properly, it is a double tap to open the folder, and a single tap to open the app. While this works great for those who know it, it’s virtually unfindable to someone just installing the app.