Looking onward

This post was written when I was a child, I’m only keeping it here for archival purposes. All of these words should be only taken in context.

I’ve been going on in my head for the past two months or so as to where I should take my writing. Currently, i’m running off of tumblr and i’m not taking advantage of the base at all. According to preconceived notions, I suppose I should run on a new startup for hosting, an open source CMS that is everything wordpress doesn’t stand for (preferably running on rails), and drink my fresh coffee while enjoying the loquaciousness of my keyboard.

But, I am not, nor do I think I will ever be.

I have been thinking about what this should be, or more specifically, what entails a modern day blog on a modern day publishing platform. Direct writing will always be there of course, but what about different mediums? Photo essays, shared videos, quotations, and various other content types have generally been traditionally replaced by a linked list, in the blogs of the last decade.

We would create content on another service (instagram, flickr, storify, et all), and then link to it. But now, we have the ability to use our own personal blogs to share that sort of content with the world. Shortform content — a quick picture, a snippet of a conversation, a storify embed of a world event — should be shown right next to a 4,000 word essay on why mapping is so important to a developed nation. Even more so, it should be in the essay itself, helping to articulate your point.

A side effect to this is RSS ruining your content. Yes embeds could technically still work, but if you use a good amount of fancy CSS to help design your content (specific fonts that pertain to the content, styling of photos, having events occur as a reader scrolls), would be ruined when read in a RSS reader.

I came to the conclusion that I should indeed, strive to post much more than words alone on this blog, using web standards to intensify the meaning of the content, RSS be damned.

Of course only the best work should be shared on the blog, social media is delegated for rough shots, things that are more of a reflection of our every day lives, rather than being curated quality cuts.

With that, I’ve came to the conclusion that for 2013, the focus shall be on more content from more mediums. I spent the second half of last year crash landing on everything — the content, the design, and the meaning. This year I want to make technoticRaccoon much more diverse.

Yet though, much more focused. Simply writing every time I feel like it and linking to a piece of content when I feel like it isn’t a proper way to run a blog. To use SEO friendly buzz words, continuous streams of continuous information presented in diverse ways.

I am not sure as to what technoticRaccoon should be, but i’m adamant that it never was my job to begin with.