The Best Things of 2016

2016 sucked, but most of the art was really good.


  • Blonde by Frank Ocean is album of the year, it’s had the most interesting twists and turns on each repeated listen.
  • Lil Boat by Lil Yachty is the best mixtape, it’s fun and we need more fun art.
  • Cosmic Explorer by Perfume is the biggest disappointment, I expected much more from the latest Perfume drop and only got one great single with a bunch of weak B sides.
  • Tea for Three by Negicco is the biggest surprise of 2016. It might not be huge, but it has richness and substance that makes it a great album.


  • Halo 5 is the best multiplayer game of the year, 343 spent the entire year adding new content to the game and did nothing but improve the most competitive first person shooter on the market.
  • Super Mario Run is the best single player game, only for proving that iOS can be on the same level as console gaming in terms of gameplay. Run is deceptively simple and has layers of depth to be found the more you play.
  • Overwatch had a Latinx hacker girl and that made me happy.


  • Flip Flappers is Anime of the year. Erased and Re:zero were great shows, but they were just good executions of existing tropes. Flip Flappers took risks with how the narrative was delivered and it paid off. The animation was beautiful as well.
  • Luke Cage wins superhero thing of the year. Black superheroes are dope as fuck.
  • Jon Sudano had YouTube channel of the year. Somebody once told me the world is kinda lonely…


  • ATP is podcast of the year, it’s essentially become top gear The Grand Tour of tech for me.
  • Two Shades of Brown is the worst podcast of the year. It’s just trash


  • The Xbox is the best game console, especially since I can side load emulators and random apps onto it now.
  • The Apple Watch is wearable of the year, as Microsoft killed of the band so it’s now the most useful fitness tracker plus the most fashionable wearable. Fitbit isn’t as accurate heart rate wise and Pebble was killed.
  • The MacBook is my laptop of the year as it has been the best mix of portability, speed, and battery life. I also really love the screen.
  • The iPhone is phone of the year because Android is still insecure. ¯_(ツ)_/¯1
  • The biggest disappointment was AI and bots, because they’re just not ready yet.

Arbitrary other things

  • Twitter is the worst.
  • I deleted my Google account and can’t be happier.
  • Password managers, especially 1Password are my app of the year.

— ✨ lord chosa ✨ (@chosafine) December 26, 2016

In 2017

  • I’m going to get way better at Swift! (I finally understand object oriented programing!)
  • I’m going to catch all the pokemon.
  • Our personal brands shall grow!


  1. I would support Microsofts efforts more as I love their hardware design and still have a soft spot for metro in my heart, but they killed their wearables and abandoned their mobile efforts this year.