2017. Forward. Resolutions?

Stop changing the tech I own but how I use the tech I own

In 2016 I went through two laptops, at least three phones, and two wearable devices, all in the name of trying to increase my productivity. The odd thing was, deleting every social media account but twitter is what had the largest affect on my output. Improving how I use my gadgets is what I want, since changing the gadgets themselves has proved to be a largely fruitless and expensive procedure.

Tech is just a tool, the more expensive tool you buy does not change the way said tool is used. I can say that iA writer has made me a better writer, that isn’t true. It’s only made me feel like a better writer. That feeling is just a luxury past a certain point. I can say the Apple Watch made me more prone to exercise than the Microsoft Band I had, when in actuality it’s just a more fashionable version of the same device.

More tech isn’t the same as better tech.

Use less tech

I made the choice a couple of years ago to try and leave the least amount of a presence on the web that I possibly could. A lot of keystrokes have been written about the open web dying in the past couple of years, I still prefer blogs, irc, and email to the dumpster fire known as twitter. I’d rather own my content rather than put all of my eggs into a centralized basket. Twitter and Facebook have proven that they can’t be trusted to do the right thing.

In response to their actions, I started to delete most if not all of my social media accounts. Not in any sort of protest, but for the belief that everything should be private by default. The idea that not being selective about what one posts online isn’t something I follow. This was the one idea that Path was right about. I must sound like a luddite though fuck twitter is garbage right now plus Facebook says they can sway people to buy products but can’t sway an election? It’s bullshit1.

Tech is a tool, using the right tool which respects the time one puts into it is the most paramount piece of the equation.


This one is simple, I miss the amount of programming/Linux fun I was doing in 2010-2014. I’ve been repeating it a lot on here; I’m mostly yelling at myself. I’ll keep saying it because lighting a fire under my ass is the only way I get work done. I’m going to make more stuff, most of it is probably going to be shit. It’s perfectly ok.


  1. I keep a twitter account for shitposting, but twitter is really close to making me close my account since they don’t care to fix their harassment issues 

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