December Update

I normally post these updates to the patreon page, but given patreons recent changes I’m going to put this on the main blog for everyone to see.

Stipes Radio Update:

Hi everyone, it is the time of month again where I go over what’s been going on at Stipes Radio!

For November and December I have mostly been in my bag working on some things for the new year. I think some of the episodes we’ve put out these two months have been our best topically. Considering how busy everyone is right now I am really proud of how hard we’ve been working to get things out.

I am pulling 6 day weeks at work, Jake and Ace have school to be worrying about, Tim is mangling with Germany so I am just going to give everyone at Stipes Radio a self-congratulatory round of applause.

In January I will also be heading back to school so you should expect some shows to move to a bi-weekly schedule as I’ll be managing my full time work and school with recording and working on shows. Hopefully I’ll be done with school by August of next year and I’ll have an associates degree under my belt.

As always thank you all for supporting me in the work I do at Stipes Radio. I know this update is brief, but I wanted to spend the majority of this months post talking about Patreon’s changes and how I’ll be responding to them.

Patreon’s Changes:

Patreon recently enacted a change which makes a flat rate fee taken out for folks who are giving to a creator on the site. The important bit is that for people who are pledging less than 5$, us creators will now be taking home less money from their pledges. Patreon made this change because they had the stance that making actual payments became muddled depending on what point in the month you pledged to that specific creator.

There is a great piece on The Outline about this change. There is also another great thread written by Erica June on Twitter.

I agree with Patreon that things were a bit confusing, but I think that taking flat fee for all amounts of money is the wrong way to go about this. I recognize that a future with a flat low fee that isn’t a percentage will never exist, but having a low percentage for low pledges and a higher amount the more money you pledge is the most optimal path. This still hurts creators at the high end but I’m willing to take that compromise.

There is a lot of talk about changing platforms and creators moving to alternatives, but no good alternative exist right now. I’ve had a couple of folks reach out to me and ask me if I’ll be switching, and here are my thoughts on that.

Liberapay is the only alternative I know of currently. Librapay is currently in early stages and while stable, is under active development. I’m not going to take a risk with a platform that is new and has yet to be proven. I understand that some of you might be frustrated at that statement and I do want to apologize for being a little stubborn.

It’s just that the cognitive load increases plus the Things I Now Have To Worry About just goes up the more places I have donation wells setup. If I’m going to have a patreon and a librapay and a PayPal and a ko-fi and everything else, I’m better off just creating my own front end for donations and throwing it onto the podcast network website itself.

If patreon’s changes bother you enough that you want to stop using the service, I understand. I have no hard feelings for people who stop paying for the patreon because of this change. Just recognize that a bunch of people dropping 5$ or less pledges doesn’t hurt patreon the company as much as you’re hurting creators who benefit greatly from that money.

I’m going to have more to say on this, so stay tuned.

If you still want to support me, I do have a page. While monetary support is always appreciated and does indeed help to pay the bills, the best support you could ever give me is with your words. Reach out to any of the hosts and tell us what you think. If you like the podcasts, tell a friend about them! Sharing the podcasts is the best support I could ever ask for.

Thank you for listening.

– Cristian.