Last year, my goals were quite simple: Use less tech and create more. Simple as they were, I exceeded both of my initial expectations by a wide margin. I am coming into 2018 riding a wave of creativity not seen since 2013. I want to savor it, I want to treat it as respectfully as possible so the wave can last. This makes setting goals for 2018 tricky. I’m not as far removed from things as I was during the end of 2016.

With that here is what I want to accomplish this year:


I sometimes get overzealous and try to do all of the things at once, which leads to me getting burnt out and disillusioned with creation as a whole. I want to spend 2018 working on writing, working on podcasting, working on graphic art, and working on programing. As much as I truly want to venture out into fashion design and music, past dabbles and simplistic compositions for the show it’s not humanely possible for me to add that to my plate. The list of things I want to refine is long as is!

I think that they key to being able to do many things and be productive at them is time management and compartmentalizing them. One day I will work on a pod, but also set aside an hour or two to read a chapter out of a book on programing. Being better at making the most out of my day1 is a part of refining creation as a whole.

Self Sustainability

This one is much more personal, I just need to get my own fucking apartment and be truly on my own by the end of the year. For reasons which will not be discussed in this post, stress levels will go down, contentness will go up, and me making things will increase as well. It is a change that needs to happen.

And with enough work, it will.

Last Year

I did not do a 2017 roundup post because Sadiq and I went into some of the things I normally write about on Shades Of Brown. While 2017 was shit, just as 2016 was, 2017 was the year I made so many new friends and opened so many doors.

Unlike twitter or google+, these friends are bound to me not by metal and glass but by spiritual bonds and for that I’m ever so grateful. While I was able to find circles on the other networks to sit in, they were always about the computers. On Mastodon, the circle I have made for myself is about the people and the computers are just decoration. It is a small difference, but a difference that means the world to me.

It is strange to think that it’s been 4 years since I’ve graduated high school. I sometimes still feel like a failure for not being able to go to a regular college and get a degree and be starting grad school like my friends. Even though my mind tells me one thing, I have been living and fighting my way through my own path.

I think 2018 is me transitioning from the weeded forest to a different and unknown biome.

  1. While also not going overboard, I think that allowing myself to have an hour to read fiction or play a game before bed is important in decompressing the day.