Is the end goal of this supposed to be monetization? Every platform I’ve been on my entire life has always had the end goal of being in your bag. And I cannot figure out where the lie began.

Does it make sense to try and put a dollar value on creation and is this feeling I’ve had just come from privilege? I only wanted to make money from it because I thought it’d get me jewels. I’m getting frustrated at continued attempts to try and make more money off of this but at the same time I’m in a paradox where monetizing this is all I can do. The frustration comes from the poor brain seeing any avenue as one that you can try and take rather than one that you should consider taking.

And when you’re hungry it makes perfect sense to try and take each and every avenue you can because survival is more important than art. I’m annoyed at the dichotomy I have to live in where I can’t do as I want and not have to worry, when this world has enough to go around.

I’m frustrated that I’m never going to be the last person to mention this. But I’m hopeful that out of this frustration comes stubbornness, a stubbornness that can be molded into positivity.

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